Compared to other methods used to treat acne scars and that require you to purchase various products and dedicate a lot of time in applying them right, the collagen treatment for acne scars is practically inexpensive and effortless. This remedy is efficient in the case of superficial acne scars because it is able to fill […]

If the remedy you are using for treating the scars that you have from acne implies using certain creams, oils or ointments, then the good news is that you can boost the efficiency of the treatment with correctly massaging the damaged area. Massaging the marks and the area around them will help stimulate the new […]

Eyebrow piercing scars are the holes left in your eye area after you removed the pierce either due to an infection in that area or other reasons. When you remove the pierce, the skin will start to heal and the first signs of healing are scabbing and scaring of the skin. One of the best […]

Honey is an ingredient widely used in beauty products and cosmetics due its great benefits on the skin. Therefore, if you are not allergic to bees or honey and you are looking for a cheap homemade remedy to treat your acne scars, then you should try out a honey mask. Each application of the honey […]

When you do not want a wound to leave a scar on your skin, then you must take care of that wound properly. More exactly, you will need to make sure that you are following the correct treatment and you do not apply any scars removal creams or remedies, unless the wound is completely healed […]