The scars that can appear on your face can be caused by illness, acne, burns or surgery and although they are permanent due to fact the the skin on your face is more sensitive, you can do your best to diminish their appearance with the help of the laser treatments. Although you may not see […]

The scars are an unwanted consequence of acne and, while some of the marks will disappear in time, others will require you to treat them. Nowadays, you have a variety of methods and medications that you can use in order to get rid of acne and the scarring. While many of these products prove to […]

Whether you had cystic acne or you picked the pimples or pustules on your face, it will leave scars on your face. The good news is that just as acne, the scarring it leaves behind is also treatable, thanks to the variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures available nowadays. Some of the deep marks are […]

If you finally got rid of acne and you have some red spots and scars left on your face, there is no need to despair as nowadays there is a fast treatment for those ugly marks. After your acne is completely cured, you should not use any remedy for about a week and check to […]

The silicone scars treatments are effective in hiding superficial and new scars, however, they are not always able to remedy or heal a scar unless you are combining this cure with another treatment. The biggest advantages of this treatment method are that it is very cheap and it is able to mask an ugly scar […]