The Honey Mask Treatment Of Acne Scars

scarsHoney is an ingredient widely used in beauty products and cosmetics due its great benefits on the skin. Therefore, if you are not allergic to bees or honey and you are looking for a cheap homemade remedy to treat your acne scars, then you should try out a honey mask. Each application of the honey mask on your skin will not only make your marks fade out, but you will also be satisfied with the results on your healthy skin.

Before you apply the mask, ensure that your skin is clean and dry. Because honey is an ingredient that is very sticky, it is advisable that you use a hairnet in a manner that will prevent it from coming in touch with your face. Furthermore, you should avoid wearing a blouse that covers your neck and rather opt for one that leaves your neck and your shoulders naked. Once you are done with these arrangements, you are set to apply the acne scars mask on your face. Simply pour around fifty grams of honey in a vessel and use your fingers to spread it on your face in a thin layer.

You can keep this acne scars mask for as long as you want however make sure that you keep it for more than twenty minutes. It may feel sticky when you touch the mask, however it rinses off very easily with warm water when you want to remove it. The perfect time when you can apply this mask so that the skin fully benefits from it, is right after you took a shower.

After you removed the mask, you can let your skin dry naturally. If you are in a hurry or you dislike having your face wet, do not wipe the water, but rather pat your skin with a soft towel until it is dry.

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