The Treatment Of Scars Caused By Eyebrow Piercing

scarsEyebrow piercing scars are the holes left in your eye area after you removed the pierce either due to an infection in that area or other reasons. When you remove the pierce, the skin will start to heal and the first signs of healing are scabbing and scaring of the skin.

One of the best ingredients that you can use so that you speed up the healing process is aloe-vera, if you are not sensitive to this plant in any way of course. Aloe vera is known for its beneficial healing properties, as it is able to lighten, heal and remove hyper pigmentation, the usual marks after a scar.

Besides applying a cream, oil or ointment with aloe vera in its composition, you should make sure that you are keeping the damaged area clean. If you decided to get an eyebrow pierce, then it is important that you clean the hole of the pierce and the pierce itself with anti bacterial soap and water every day.

Scars are most likely to form in areas where the skin is dry, therefore apply antibiotic in the form of a cream or oil so that you can keep the skin hydrated and thus speed up the healing process. When you have an open wound, you are most likely to develop a scar if you expose it to powerful sunrays. This is why you need to protect the hole of the piercing until it is healed with a powerful sun block cream.

If the scars from your eyebrow piercing are deep, you can treat and reduce their visibility by applying silicon gel sheets. Do not get discouraged by the fact that the hole from your eyebrow piercing does not heal very fast. Usually, in this case it takes a while to fade the affected area.

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