Boosting The Efficiency Of The Treatments For Acne Scarring

scarsIf the remedy you are using for treating the scars that you have from acne implies using certain creams, oils or ointments, then the good news is that you can boost the efficiency of the treatment with correctly massaging the damaged area. Massaging the marks and the area around them will help stimulate the new skin growth and furthermore, will ensure that you get the enough nutrients, as gentle rubbing leads to an optimal blood flow. The results of massage do not only improve the appearance of your scar, but they also make your skin smoother and tone it.

Before you apply the treatment for acne scars, first you need to clean the damaged are with warm water. Washing your face will ensure that the dirt or any bacteria will not be massaged into the skin along with the treatment. Using warm water while washing your face will open the pores from your face and thus allow the creams or oils to enter the skin faster and reach deeper into the scar. Because acne can spread very easy, it is important to wash your hands before and after you washed your face.

When you are dealing with scars it is advisable that you do not damage them any further. Therefore, do not wipe your face but rather blot the excess water with a soft cloth and let the skin dry naturally. Now you are ready to apply the treatment by slowly massaging it into the skin. You should not use a lot of cream or oil when you are applying the treatment. Instead, use as little cream as you can and rub it into your skin for about three minutes. If your skin absorbs the treatment immediately, then put some more cream however, do not over do it.

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